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“Underneath the pain is more beauty than you can imagine.”

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Healing Home

Founded by Dawn Taylor:
Trauma Specialist | Life Strategist | Ass Kicker | Hope Giver


International Trauma Specialist and Life & Business Strategist

Lovingly known as – Ass Kicker. Hope Giver.

The healing home was founded by Dawn Taylor, an international trauma specialist, as a safe haven for the healing of any event, emotion, experience, or environment that has caused a massive shift in an individual’s life, through one-on-one immersion healing. 

Every package is customized to each individual or couple’s stay.  Stays can include everything from home-cooked food, to time in a cathartic rage room, to one-on-one coaching, to more blueberries than you can eat (Dawn’s favourite fruit!) and so much more.  Designed to allow for the full expression of an individual’s deepest emotions, away from the triggers of everyday life, the healing home was thoughtfully built to invoke feelings of safety, nurturance, and love. From the plants chosen for the grounds outside to the sheets selected, to the way the shower is designed, even the smallest details have been carefully thought out. 

As a survivor turned thriver, Dawn Taylor has created a serene and luxurious space for those who are willing and ready to turn the page and embrace true joy and happiness.


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What Others Are Saying

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the Super Hero in your own story?

“I can not image what my life would look like without Dawn. She is the real thing.”

Sarah Snyder, Licensed Professional Counsellor

“Dawn is freaking amazing and I will forever be grateful that I was able to work with her.”

Katie Dooley, Owner of Paper Lime Creative


Seen Heard Healed focuses on trauma recovery through the customized strategy and guidance of Dawn