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Frequently asked questions

Why the Healing Retreat?

Dawn’s training, instincts, coaching, and trauma-based knowledge is literally helping people heal every day from adverse and traumatic life experiences, and while virtual coaching is a wonderful way to heal – being able to host clients on the property where she (and her team) are staying and working creates the opportunity for Dawn to provide 1:1 immersion healing that includes everything from home-cooked food, to days that allow for the expression of your deepest emotions, to truly talking through the depths of the trauma each individual has experienced – in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. The power of healing in nature – the creek on the property, the nearby ocean, the large Holly Berry trees all allow you to breath and heal, while escaping your day-to-day life & all of your in-your-face triggers. It all occurs while you stay in a luxury suite on the island. Dawn’s coaching, as always, will be completely customized and she will help the individual or couple work through their health on all fronts: mental, physical, career, spiritual, financial… whatever they need! Custom programs have options of 7-days, 14-days, and 23-day packages at the Healing Retreat. Single in-person day sessions and virtual coaching options exist as well.

What Does Trauma Mean?

Trauma is a response or a reaction to something distressing in your life, or an event that may overwhelm your ability to cope in a healthy manner. This inability to cope in a healthy manner can cause feelings of unworthiness, depression, and helplessness. Often survivors of trauma stop feeling the full range of emotions. Trauma does not discriminate. Emotional responses related to these issues, both as they are occurring and even many years later, can cause people to stumble and not be able to achieve their business goals, financial goals, or even cause them to forget how to dream.

What Traumas Does Dawn Work With?

Traumas Dawn and her team work with can be anything from issues related to COVID isolation, to any of the issues listed below (this is not an exhaustive list): - Rape - Sexual abuse - Verbal/emotional abuse - Physical abuse - Domestic violence - Surviving cults - Issues related to isolation - Those in high-conflict divorces - Those experiencing feelings of unworthiness

How Does Dawn Help People Heal?

Dawn has had thousands of hours of training in various coaching methods, but she also pulls from her own life experiences as a survivor and now a thriver. Some of her methods are a bit unconventional, and some are her trade secrets – but Dawn’s favourite line is: “How can I love you even more?” And she sincerely means it. If you know Dawn, and have been around her for even a brief bit – you’ve experienced this.

What Type of People Does Dawn Work With?

Dawn enjoys working with individuals from many capacities – from Entrepreneurs and CEOs, to stay at home Moms & Dads. The clients she works with range in age from teens to those in their 70’s! The golden thread between the people she helps is that they are resilient, have a drive and passion for life buried deep within them, and that they know there is something missing from their lives that if they could just put their finger on it, they could achieve their dreams. Often they have had adverse life experiences they have either only shared with a few, or with no one else at all. The testimonials of clients Dawn has worked with talks about individuals: – Finding joy and happiness they didn’t know was possible for their lives – Financial success and sustainability they couldn’t dream of before – Developing healthy relationships with themselves and others – Being able to trust in a whole new way – Experiencing laughter and humour in their daily life – Finding their self-confidence – Beginning to believe in their own worthiness – Successfully getting off over a dozen psychiatric meds – Growing their businesses ten fold – Reconnecting to themselves -Overcoming deep bouts of depression and episodes of dissociation – Finding peace within – Developing security in relationships – Working through broken marriages and family strife All because they’ve chosen to deal with life traumas so that they can find joy and happiness in their everyday lives. This joy allows them to take the leap on epic life adventures and to believe in the goodness in the Universe again – because being seen and heard allows individuals to truly heal.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at The Healing Retreat

There are various packages and financial options – including payment plans. Contact us today for more information.

Our Services & Programs

Escape from the pressures of everyday life to focus on your needs in a tranquil space. Transformational sessions, provided for trauma healing, life mastery, or business strategy, are complimented by a retreat that was created to surround you with peace and comfort - a true place for change to begin.


Trauma Healing

With our strategy based sessions filled with more love than you can imagine and support through it all, we will walk you through these journeys to healing. Virtual or in-person support.

Transformational Life Sessions

What if you could make all your wildest dreams come true? Or have you stopped dreaming? Transformational sessions help you get farther than you could have ever imagined.

Business Strategy

You own a business! You are doing amazing at it! But, you are overwhelmed, burnt out and are not moving forward. I custom design a results driven strategy that supports you in business.

Success Stories

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the Super Hero in your own story?

“I can not image what my life would look like without Dawn. She is the real thing.”
- Sarah Synder

“Dawn is freaking amazing and I will forever be grateful that I was able to work with her.”
- Katie Dooley

"I would have never achieved the life I am living without the support from Dawn, forever grateful."
- Alexandria

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Are you a survivor of sexual abuse or assault?

This writing may resonate with you..

I lived a horrifically beautiful life that made me who I am today. Not only have I survived, but walked away with a wicked sense of humor, sincere empathy and authentic understanding.

If you are thinking that you are alone, you are not. I get it. I get what you are going through because I have lived it.


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Seen Heard Healed focuses on trauma recovery through the customized strategy and guidance of Dawn.