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Here is my story.

The following writing may trigger you, but I wanted you to know how deeply I relate to your pain and your journey. Please be cautious in reading it, and send me an email if you need to process.

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I’ve tried to scrub his hands off of my body, too. I couldn’t get the feel of his touch off my skin.

I scrubbed my skin until it was raw.

And yet, I could still feel him.


I could still smell him.


Hear his voice in my ear.

Think no one understands you?


You Are Not Alone.

Pushing the memories away…


The nightmares at 3am…


Desperately wanting it all to disappear…


Desperately wanting to disappear…

There Is Hope. 

The band-aid method does not work long-term.


Seen a few counselors? Taken more than a fair share of prescription medications? Had more than one glass of wine at night? Yet still suffering?


That’s because the band-aid method does not work long-term. I know because I tried the band-aid method, too. It led me to try to take my own life. 

I don’t want that for you. I am not your standard life coach, or guarded counselor, or even your typical survivor.


I Thrive…And I Want To Get You There, Too.

I will help you take the band-aid off. We will walk through the memories – together.  I will not leave you alone in them.

You Do Not Need Saving.

Yet you could use someone who understands what you’ve been through… You could use an experienced guide. That is what I am.

What makes me different is not that I am a survivor. What makes me different is not that I am a trauma specialist. What makes me different is not my thousands of hours of training and coaching.

What does make me different is my profound ability to connect, my incredible honesty, my ability to see the trauma you experienced through your eyes, and my ability to guide you through it – to a place of healing and wholeness. 

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I won’t lie. This won’t be easy. But I will never leave you alone.

And, I promise, it will be worth it. Rip the band-aid off, with me holding your hand.


And let’s walk together.


To a place where you finally feel peace. Where the painful ache has left your chest. To a place where you can sleep soundly at night. Where your smile is radiant.  And your laughter is genuine. Where the feeling of hope isn’t just a feeling – it’s real life for you.

We will walk through this together.

Meet Dawn

Trauma Specialist | Life Strategist | Ass Kicker | Hope Giver


Dawn empowers people to be the superhero in their own rescue so that they can change their own lives and inspire others to do the same.

Dawn Taylor, an International Business | Relationship | Life Strategist and owner of The Taylor Way located in Duncan, BC meets you where you’re at.


Through her unconventional strategy based style of coaching and her blunt honesty, the Ass Kicker, Hope Giver will challenge your thinking and broaden your awareness to help you achieve outstanding results in Business, Life and Relationships.

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