What Others Are Saying

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“I can not image what my life would look like without Dawn. She is the real thing.”

Sarah Snyder, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Dawn is freaking amazing and I will forever be grateful that I was able to work with her.”

Katie Dooley, Owner of Paper Lime Creative

I am a person that’s struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. My anxiety was so bad that I feared leaving home alone and hated making eye contact because it made me uncomfortable.

I could’ve taken daily medication to help soothe my pain, instead my father recommended Dawn Taylor.

Before starting appointments with Dawn, we met at Joey’s to get acquainted before moving forward with regular appointments. During the first encounter, I rarely looked Dawn in the eyes and the anxiety made me lose my appetite. Starting appointments with Dawn was the best step forward I have ever taken in my life. Dawn helped me write out my rules and standards that i should be living rather than living by the rules i’ve set for myself. Doing just that felt like a whole new world to me and life has only gotten better since then. After a few months with Dawn anxiety and depression are a thing of the past. All the things I’ve once feared in the real world is now just a memory. The best part about working with Dawn is that she doesn’t treat you as “just another client” she treats you like a best friend. I’m no doctor, but a weekly dose of Dawn Taylor will go a long way.

Braden Halliwell

I started working with Dawn in November 2016 which was a suiting time considering in November 2015 I had a complete breakdown. I had spent years upon years working with Social Workers, Psychologists and Counsellors trying to figure myself out; why was I so angry? why couldn’t I have a healthy relationship? why didn’t I have meaningful friendships? why did I always self sabotage? Once I started working with Dawn, over time, I started to not only answer these questions but fix them!

I was sexually abused from the ages of 3-6 from a very close family member and the consequences of this abuse stole not only my childhood but most of my 20’s. In August 2015 I confronted my abuser and the “secret” was out in my family. I felt incredibly bad because I felt like I ruined my family and yet I felt like a weight had been lifted. However, then a few months later, I was in the deepest depression I had ever felt and it actually lead me to go on a leave of absence from work. During that time, again I was assessed from Psychologists and Psychiatrists and told I had all sorts of diagnosis and things wrong with me, given different medications and told to continuing with counselling sessions that did nothing for me. I thought that these were my only options and continued to push myself through my days. Nothing that the counsellors told me showed a lasting affect, more like band aides than actually healing the deep wounds of my childhood.

Then I was introduced to Dawn through serendipitous events and the real work started which has resulted in lasting, positive changes in my life. Dawn is honest and lets you work through what you really need too. She sets you up for the most success and lends strength to you to reach your goals. She provides different techniques and strategies and insight that I have never had before in all the years of counselling. Dawn gave me hope and the ability to dream again through the work we have completed together. We went from working on my anger and cathartic work to now working on goal setting and even more positive changes. Every day I am grateful for her in my life since she really did save my life, 23 years after my abuse ended I am finally able to be alive. No anger, no regret, no guilt, just being alive and knowing that I am ok. I owe this all to Dawn and her amazing skills as a coach.


I began coaching with Dawn approximately 6 months ago.  The reason being, I have had a couple traumatic event happen in the past 2 years, including a divorce which I knew I needed to work through with guidance.

Before I connected with Dawn, 5 of my colleagues told me I needed to go see her.  I booked my appointment, and am sure glad I did!

Dawn is unconventional, and will change directions in her coaching mid-session if she sees it is not the right approach for you.  She is kind, compassionate and patient.  Her own life experiences have made her such an amazing coach.

Not only has she helped me overcome my tauma, but as a result, my business and interpersonal relationships have also improved.  I will continue to refer anyone to know that needs a life coach to Dawn.

Kendell Bousquet

Dawn Taylor is an amazing human being. Within the first five minutes of talking to her, I knew I needed more of her in my life. Her energy, enthusiasm, and straightforward approach was contagious.

My first session with Dawn was only two hours and I CANNOT believe what we accomplished in that time. She is blunt, and honest, but overwhelmingly kind and understanding.

She truly cares about people and the honesty is delivered with the utmost respect and care. But also some super tough love. I had been stalling on my business and she encouraged me to stop being scared of it. I even had a relapse in fear, and texted her. She called me at 8:00 in the morning right after I texted her to talk for a few minutes and put me back on track.

If you or someone you know is going through a rough patch, or has had some rough times, and you don’t know what to do for them…the greatest thing you could do for them is to introduce them to Dawn Taylor.

Tamra Letki