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Dawn Taylor, Life Coach Strategist and owner of The Taylor Way and Seen Heard Healed meets you where you are at.


Through her unconventional strategy-based style of coaching and her blunt honesty, the Ass Kicker, Hope Giver will challenge your thinking, broaden your awareness to help you achieve outstanding results.


Trauma Healing

With our custom designed transformational sessions filled with more love than you can imagine and support through it all, we will walk you through these journeys to healing. Virtual or in-person support.


Life Strategy

What if you could make all your wildest dreams come true? Or have you stopped dreaming? Life Coaching helps you get farther than you could have ever imagined.

Life can be exciting, life can be messy….life can be so many things. Create the life you’ve dreamed of and get to a place where you love your life with the help of a Life Coach Strategist.


Business Strategist

A fresh set of eyes to analyze your business. What’s working, what’s not working and how are we going to change it? Mind mapping your dreams and plans and turning them into feasible small steps. How to take the info out of your brain and onto paper so that you can be a more effective leader.


Read about the transformations our clients have had with The Taylor Way and The Seen Heard Healed Healing Home


I, frankly, didn’t actually think my life could ever get any better than it was at that time. I had tried everything. Thank goodness I was wrong. Dawn has helped me to save my own life.  After a few months of working together, my dissociative disorder has all but resolved itself (to the absolute shock of my doctors) and I no longer experience daily suicidal thoughts.  In fact – I am beginning to experience happiness on an ongoing, daily basis.  I laugh EVERY day now.  If you knew what I’ve come from, you’d know that’s a miracle. 

- Sarah


Dawn is truly the Ass Kicker and Hope giver she claims to be. The process was different then anything I have experienced; having never expected the services of a life coach strategist and not knowing what to expect.

First, we tackled life coach strategy using Dawn’s techniques. I have a family history of anxiety and it was only after a few sessions that my anxieties were under control. Moving further into the process, when she delved into my values and the rules surrounding them, I truly felt empowered and in control of my future in the way that I have never felt before. As Dawn puts it, I was finally able to bring out my inner rockstar.

- Katie


Dawn has been instrumental in helping in me in my business, but more importantly she has been a support system for me in my personal life as well. Is amazing how she is able to read me and find out what it is that I need in the moment even before I even know.

She’s there support you and encourage you, and tell you to stop and look around at all the things you’ve accomplished. Dawn truly is an amazing woman and a valuable asset to my personal and professional success. I would highly recommend Dawn Taylor and the Taylor Way to anyone who wants the edge to success!

- Chris

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